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Coral Essentials – Coral Power Potassium 50ml


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Our Coral Essentials, Coral Power Potassium is a concentrated solution of Potassium Chloride, 150,000ppm for marine aquariums. It is essential for healthy growth of both soft and hard coral, enhanced red and pink colouration in corals, as well as promoting coral exoskeleton growth. Potassium is one of the fundamental elements for marine tanks. The concentration should be between 380 and 450 mg/l (ppm). Potassium is used in both coral skeleton formation and cellular processes. It is also used by zooxanthellae as it is directly involved in the biosynthesis of glucose through photosynthesis. To ensure healthy coral maintain a dosing plan as detailed below.  Variances above and below the recommended dosing can be made depending on your own tank conditions and density of coral present.


Dosage Rate:

We recommend starting off dosing 1 drop/day for each 100L of tank water. Do not dose higher than 2 drops/day for each 100L of water in a heavily stocked system.

For the advanced aquarist 0.1ml (2 drops) will raise the potassium levels by 0.15 ppm (mg/L) for each 100L of tank water. If you know the potassium depletion rate then dose accordingly as per above.




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