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Seachem Glass Diffuser Beetle 27mm


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  • Seachem Beetle Diffuser crates very small bubbles allowing your CO2 to exchange with the water for great plant growth


  • Beetle Diffuser 27 mm
  • For aquariums 75-190 L (20-50 US gallons)
  • Preferred pollen-style diffuser for large aquaria or high-growth aquaria
  • Large surface area of diffuser disc ideal for high volumes of CO2 gas


The 27 mm glass Beetle Diffuser is a pollen style CO2 diffuser that connects to CO2 injection systems to easily disperse CO2 gas into the planted aquarium.

The large surface area of the 27 mm disc allows for the diffusion of large volumes of CO2 gas, making the 27 mm Beetle Diffuser an excellent choice for larger aquaria or high-growth aquaria.

Compatible with 6mm (1/4″) – Standard Airline Tubing. Suction cups included.


  • Rinse glassware with warm water.
  • Attach suction cup and desired tubing (Compatible with 6 mm – Standard Airline Tubing) to the diffuser.
  • To attach tubing to glassware, wet the inside of the tubing with water at the attachment point and carefully slide tubing over glass.
  • The use of other lubricants is not advisable as these usually make the tubing slide off of the glassware too easily.
  • To avoid breakage when removing tubing, do not pull tubing off of glassware. Instead, cut tubing carefully along the attachment length to release the glassware
  • Mount your diffuser using the suction cup(s). It should be positioned low in the aquarium.
  • When removing or repositioning the diffuser, pull by the suction cup(s) rather than the glass to avoid breakage.
  • Install check valve (not included) inline with tubing outside of the aquarium
  • Once securely mounted, turn on CO2. Observe bubble count and adjust CO2 to desired flow rate.
  • Some of Seachem’s diffusers have a bubble counting feature.
  • Otherwise a separate Seachem glass Bubble Counter is available.
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