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SRO-8000EXT External Skimmer


is available on purchases between $10 and $2,000 learn more

Great for large systems between: 4500-5700 Liters

The Small Commercial Super Reef Octopus 8000ext is the mid size industrial SRO protein skimmer with a body just under 16 inches and standing only 35.4 inches tall. Don’t let its short stature and small footprint full you, it comes equipped with the Bubble Blaster 10000 pump that produces incredible air draw numbers and only using 95 watts of energy. Great for large home aquariums, frag farmers, small commercial displays and store systems under 6100 liters.


The quiet yet powerful Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster HY-10000 is a super efficient pinwheel skimmer pump that comes backed by a 2 year warranty. Our Bubble Blaster skimmer pumps are a true innovation to the aquarium hobby. Equipped with a calcium inhibiting silicone nitride shaft and bearings our Bubble Blaster skimmer pumps increasing life of the pump and decreasing maintenance. While all other skimmer pumps on the market are modified water pumps from a water pump manufacturer the Bubble Blaster pumps were designed and built to be a skimmer pump! Enhanced with a digital control circuit board that controls the pumps directional start-up and RPM speeds. This smart circuit board will shut the pump off if it detects a problem. Another unique feature is the clear volute housing which allows you to see inside the pump without having to take it apart allowing you to see if something is stuck inside the volute housing or pinwheel. The key feature of the Bubble Blaster pumps is the enormous amount of air they pull per watt. Air and water volume is the key to aggressive protein skimming and there is no other pump on the market that compares.

Hybrid body skimmers have been a huge hit amongst budget wise professionals and hobbyists due to the ideal conical transition from the body to the neck. This reduces turbulence, directs the flow gently up to the neck and reduces head pressure off of the re-circulation pump providing enhanced performance.


This skimmer requires 8-10 week lead time and a 50% deposit up front to begin the building of the skimmer. Skimmers can only ship by freightand are required to cover the cost of shipping. We can ship directly to the job site if desired.


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