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Rack City Frag Rack 17 Hole


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17 Hole

This frag rack is designed to hold up to 12-off 3cm diameter standard coral frag plugs, or 17-off 2cm diameter standard coral frag plugs. It is handmade high quality acrylic with coated magnets for rust resistance and cover within extra acrylic sheets for an extra waterproofing barrier

Rack: 175mm long x 55mm wide x 40mm deep

External Magnet for 10mm thick glass tank: 65mm long x 25mm high x 5mm thick

(Please note the strength of the magnet is relative to the weight of the corals growing on the frag plugs)

Magnet protection from corrosion
Most magnets are coated in rubber, plastic or sealed within sheets of acrylic.

Our magnets have double the protection. Titanium Nitride coating before
it gets sealed within the acrylic racks.

Facts about Titanium Nitride

Titanium Nitride (TiN) has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

Bare Neodymium magnets is extremely easy to corrode. The corrosion not only affects the Neodymium magnets’ performance, but also leads to the release of potentially harmful substances due to Neodymium magnets chemical compositions.

Titanium Nitride coating is nonmetallic oxide ceramics material. It is pretty hard with Young’s modulus between 350 and 600 GPa and so that has high wear resistance.

TiN coated Neodymium magnet is corrosion resistant.

More importantly, Titanium Nitride exhibits significantly lower bio reactivity than any other materials currently used for magnet coatings, such as Ni-Cu-Ni.
TiN coated Neodymium magnets are used in orthopedic implants due to its high corrosion resistance and non-reactivity inside the human body.

Chart showing durability against competitor and previously used epoxy coating


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